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The Chief Psychiatrist is an independent statutory officer who holds powers and duties as prescribed by the Mental Health Act 2014. The powers invested in the Chief Psychiatrist impose a governance responsibility over any Mental Health Service and other specified agencies that seek to influence the delivery of mental health treatment and care to the Western Australian Community.

The Chief Psychiatrist is supported by a Deputy Chief Psychiatrist and a team of staff who assist in the discharge of his statutory responsibilities whilst ensuring the rights of people with lived experience of mental illness are upheld. Central to these duties is the responsibility for the treatment and care of patients of Mental Health Services, and the monitoring of standards of care delivered throughout the State.

The Chief Psychiatrist reports to the Minister for Mental Health and provides advice to the Minister for Mental Health about the provision of mental health services for the State.

The current Chief Psychiatrist of Western Australia is Dr Nathan Gibson, who has served in the role since January 2013.

Urgent Update: The Mental Health Infection Control Directions have been revoked – how does it affect the Mental Health Act 2014?
13 Sep 2022

The Chief Health Officer revoked the Mental Health Infection Control Directions on 29th August 2022 (find revocation document here). The Mental Health Infection Control Directions altered the way that assessments…

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