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Mental Health Act Forms 2014

  • Only appropriately authorised individuals can complete these Approved Forms – identified fraudulent use of these forms will be reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Modification other than margin identifiers may invalidate these Approved Forms.

The MHA Forms are available in two formats:

  • Writable – These Forms can be opened as a PDF document, and information can be typed directly onto the Form.
    If the MHA requires that a copy of the Form be sent to another agency (such as the Chief Psychiatrist), the writeable Form has a ‘submit’ function that will send the Form directly to the intended recipient upon completion.  These Forms can also be printed for filing into the medical records.
    For help filling out the writable forms, a short instructional video and instructional PDF is available.
  • Printable – These Forms can be opened as a PDF document, printed and filled in by hand.

Click on the links below to open the Forms in the format that you require.

MHA Forms for Public Services (these Forms contain a barcode)

Many of the Mental Health Act Forms are now able to be completed directly on PSOLIS with a print  function to enable you to print and store in the patient’s medical record. If you have access to PSOLIS this is the preferred method for MHA 2014 Form completion.

If the Form is not available on PSOLIS please use the writable PDFs or a printed hard copy.

For support in completing forms on PSOLIS please contact PSOLIS Support on 1300 170 089.

MHA Forms for Private Services

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