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Updated Communique: COVID-19 Alert: Mental Health Infection Control Directions

14 Apr 2020

WA’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Robyn Lawrence, issued a formal Direction under the Public Health Act 2016 specifically dealing with mental health infection control which came into effect on 7 April 2020.

There is now a revised Communique regarding the Mental Health Infection Control Direction as confirmed by the Department of Health COVID-19 Mental Health Stream. The revision has only been made to the Communique only and not the Direction (the Direction remains unchanged).  The Communique has been update to be more explicit in instruction to practitioners. 

COVID-19 ALERT: Mental Health Infection Control Directions
Effective date – 14/04/2020

Please note this Communique supersedes the original sent out on 7 April.

Medical Practitioners and Authorised Mental Health Practitioners (AMHPS)

It is essential that all doctors and AMHPs read the attached Public Health Act 2016 Direction and associated Communique which talks about precautions to take when assessing or treating patients who have risk factors for COVID-19, or have confirmed COVID-19, as well as advice around isolation and when it is necessary.

The Direction enables Audio Visual Assessment to be added to the assessment criteria considered under the Mental Health Act 2014 in specified situations.

Should you have any queries, please discuss with your service Clinical Lead in the first instance.  The Chief Psychiatrist’s Clinical Helpdesk, as always, remains available to assist where required.


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