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Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards for Clinical Care

The Mental Health Act 2014 requires the Chief Psychiatrist to be responsible for overseeing the treatment and care to a range of users of mental health services. The Chief Psychiatrist is required to discharge that responsibility by publishing a set of standards for treatment and care provided by Mental Health Services and overseeing compliance with those standards.

The Chief Psychiatrist of Western Australia has accepted the National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010 (NSMHS) as the overarching standards relevant for the Mental Health Act 2014. To support the NSMHS in WA, the Chief Psychiatrist has published the Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards for Clinical Care. These standards have been developed within the following context:

  • The specific Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards are not designed to replace the NSMHS but enhance them where local development is identified as needed.
  • They cover certain areas the Chief Psychiatrist deems to be either of central importance or requiring local jurisdictional focus.
  • They are designed to leverage quality clinical care and are purposefully and predominantly targeted towards clinical practice.
  • They are designed to be easily and quickly read by clinicians, and also by consumers and carers- hence they are relatively brief, not exhaustive.

Please note that services are not required to collect evidence to demonstrate their adherence to the Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards for Clinical Care.  This is assessed through the Chief Psychiatrist’s Clinical Monitoring Program.

The OCP has developed a PowerPoint presentation which illustrates how the Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards for Clinical Care fit with other sets of standards.  This is available for any staff who wish to provide education on the Standards. If you would like further information or support, especially if you are providing an education session, please contact


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