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Office of the Chief Psychiatrist activities during COVID-19

31 Jan 2022

The Chief Psychiatrist has taken the following actions in the best interests of the Western Australian community in keeping with recommended procedures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Current from 31/01/2022:

Clinical Helpdesk

The Chief Psychiatrist’s Clinical Consultant role is currently being recruited.  This remains an important function within the OCP, although currently the OCP has some limitations on the provision of this function pending appointment of the Clinical Consultant on 28 February 2022.

Chief Psychiatrist’s Clinical and Statutory Monitoring
  • All Chief Psychiatrist’s face-to-face clinical monitoring and reviews are temporarily suspended from 24 January 2022, until further notice.
  • Planning for future reviews will consider social distancing requirements, and the Chief Psychiatrist will continue to work with services to identify effective alternate monitoring processes, as required.
  • Statutory reporting processes under the Mental Health Act 2014 remain in place.
Authorised Mental Health Practitioners (AMHPs)

AMHPs will continue to be required to maintain their yearly requirement regarding continuing professional development (5 hours) and AMHP clinical supervision (6 hours) as per their statutory obligations to maintain their authorisation. It is expected that AMHPs do this in a manner that follows any COVID-19 Directions for maintaining safe practice. The OCP will closely monitor any evolving situations and the subsequent impact on AMHPs.

Chief Psychiatrist’s Training

Training events will be provided by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist subject to the COVID-19 restrictions in force at the time. Information about available training can be found on our ‘Education & Training Events‘ page.

Alternatively you can contact the Principal Officer Statutory Education by email at

If you require any further information about the above initiatives please contact the OCP on (08) 6553 0000.


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