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My Medicines and Me Questionnaire (M3Q)

7 Oct 2016

A clinical communication tool for the assessment of psychotropic medication side effects.

Psychotropic side-effects are a major contributor to medication non-adherence, and potentially negative outcomes for consumers. The M3Q is a self-report questionnaire for consumers which proactively provides clinicians with critical information about side effects and the perception of side effects.  Developed locally by Dr Deena Ashoorian in conjunction with previous Chief Psychiatrist Assoc Prof Rowan Davidson, Prof Danny Rock and Prof Rhonda Clifford, and endorsed by the WA Psychotropic Drug Committee, the M3Q is a useful, validated tool which can assist the therapeutic discussion around psychotropic use. Staff forums around the use of the M3Q, and other tools to improve the quality use of medications will occur over coming months at mental health services around WA.

Please see the attached M3Q_Fillable.


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