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Segregation of children from adult inpatients

Under section 303 of the MHA 2014 if a child is to be admitted to a mental health services, that does not ordinarily provide treatment or care to children who have a mental illness, the person in charge of the mental health service must first be satisfied that:

  • the mental health service can provide the child with treatment, care and support that is appropriate having regard to the child’s age, maturity, gender, culture and spiritual beliefs; and
  • the treatment, care and support can be provided to the child in a part of the mental health service that is separate from any part of the mental health service in which adults are provided with treatment and care if, having regard to the child’s age and maturity, it would be appropriate to
    do so.

In order to simplify and streamline the reporting process the Chief Psychiatrist has developed a form that can be completed:

MHA2014_s303 Segregation of children from adult inpatients

MHA2014_s303 Segregation of children from adult patients – WA Health Employees ONLY

The person in charge of the mental health service, when a child is being admitted as an inpatient, must give to the child’s parent or guardian a copy of the form or written report setting out:

  • the reasons why the person in charge is satisfied of the matters referred to above (section 303 2(a) and (b));
  • and the measures that the mental health service will take to ensure that, while the child is admitted as an inpatient, the child is protected and the child’s individual needs in relation to treatment and care are met.

This report must also be filed in the patients medial record and a copy provided to the Chief Psychiatrist.


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