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Chief Psychiatrist’s Clinical Monitoring of Private Psychiatric Hostels

The Mental Health Act 2014 (s.515) prescribes the Chief Psychiatrist with the responsibility to monitor the treatment and care of mental health patients within Western Australia.  Under section 507 of the MHA 2014, a “designated mental health service” includes private psychiatric hostels, meaning that those responsibilities extend to mental health patients residing within those facilities.

With this legislative requirement the Chief Psychiatrist has commenced monitoring of the treatment and care provided to residents of private psychiatric hostels within Western Australia.

Private Psychiatric Hostels to be Monitored

The Chief Psychiatrist’s Monitoring of Private Psychiatric Hostels will include all facilities operating under a private psychiatric hostel licence granted by the Licencing and Accreditation Regulatory Unit (LARU). When licences are granted, LARU will inform the Chief Psychiatrist.

Private Psychiatric Hostel Dashboard

The purpose of the Private Psychiatric Hostel Dashboard is to understand the demographics of residents and how they are accessing clinical mental health services. The first iteration was developed in 2017 using data obtained from the Psychiatric Services On Line Information System (PSOLIS) and published on this website in May 2018. The dashboard was reviewed in 2019 in consultation with private psychiatric hostel licensees and other government agencies with oversight responsibility and a new process was agreed.

Each year, private psychiatric hostel licensees will receive a request from the Chief Psychiatrist to provide data for the dashboard. The new process was commenced in January 2020, however, due to work needed to prepare for COVID-19, hostels which had not yet provided their data by March 2020 were granted an exemption. The Chief Psychiatrist will work with these services to ensure that all services are included in the 2021 dashboard.

Chief Psychiatrist’s Private Psychiatric Hostels Dashboard 2020

Chief Psychiatrist’s Private Psychiatric Hostels Dashboard 2018

Private Psychiatric Hostel Reviews

The Chief Psychiatrist is conducting an initial on-site review of all facilities operating under a private psychiatric hostel licence. Each hostel review will also include site visits to clinical mental health services who provide treatment and care to residents of the hostel. The goal of the initial reviews is to evaluate:

  • The clinical care provided by mental health services to residents within hostels, and how the hostel staff support, and are supported to do that.
  • The relationships between mental health services and hostels and how that impacts on residents and the care that they receive.

The reviews are in progress and are expected to continue until 2022.

Reviews of Treatment and Care Provided to Residents of Private Psychiatric Hostels – Terms of Reference

Reviews of Treatment and Care Provided to Residents of Private Psychiatric Hostels – Methodology

Monitoring of Notifiable Incidents

The Chief Psychiatrist monitors reports of all notifiable incidents pertaining to psychiatric patients who reside in a private psychiatric hostel. For further information, please refer to Reporting Notifiable Incidents – Private Psychiatric Hostels.


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