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Mental Health Drug Bulletin: Clozapine induced Gastrointestinal Hypomotility

28 Nov 2019

The latest edition of the Mental Health Drug Bulletin has been published and focuses on clozapine-induced gastrointestinal hypomobility. Clozapine is considered the ‘gold standard’ medication for the treatment of schizophrenia, with strong evidence of improved mental health outcomes, quality of life and life expectancy. 

Close monitoring is required for the safe use of clozapine. The current edition focuses on one adverse effect, constipation. Constipation can be serious and if it should occur, timely treatment is essential. The Mental Health Drug Bulletin outlines protocols for monitoring the development of this adverse effect and treating it should it occur.

Mental Health Drug Bulletin 2019 Vol 26 No 3: Clozapine induced Gastrointestinal Hypomotility

If you would like to follow the Mental Health Drug Bulletin, visit the website of the Western Australian Therapeutics Advisory Group (WATAG).


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