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Mental Health Act 2014 FAQ: Segregation of children from adult inpatients (MHA s.303)

25 Jun 2020

Mental Health Act 2014 (MHA) Frequently Asked Questions

Since the MHA 2014 came into effect in 2015, a range of new mental services have been developed, including inpatient services catering specifically for youth (children and young people aged 16 to 24 years), as well as the development of Mental Health Observation Areas (MHOAs), which may admit children under 18 years of age.

As a result, the Mental Health Commission (MHC) and the Chief Psychiatrist (CP) have had to consider whether s.303 applies to these new inpatient services which admit both adults and children as a matter of course. In the process, and based on expert information, it has been necessary to re-visit the previous understanding of s.303. These FAQs explain the new understanding and revised application of s.303. The revised understanding of may differ from advice your service has previously received. That previous advice is replaced with this information. There is no requirement for any historical remediation.

Please see full FAQ document here:

MHA 2014 FAQ: Segregation of children from adult inpatients (MHA s.303)


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