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Mental Health Act Forms 2014 – Writable (Public)

Writable PDF versions of MHA Forms for public health services that are required to use ‘barcoded’ forms can be found below. These are password protected to ensure that the electronic transfer of data is secure. The password can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist on 6553 0000.

For help on completing the writable Forms, please watch this short instructional video or if YouTube access is not available read the instructional PDF.

Referral for Examination / Detention

Form 1A     Referral for examination by a psychiatrist

Form 1A attachment     Referral for examination by a psychiatrist attachment

Form 1B     Variation of referral

Form 2        Order to detain voluntary inpatient in authorised hospital for assessment

Form 3A     Detention order

Form 3B     Continuation of detention

Form 3C     Continuation of detention to enable a further examination by psychiatrist

Form 3D     Order authorising reception and detention in an authorised hospital for further examination

Form 3E     Order that a person cannot continue to be detained

Transport / Transfer orders

Form 4A     Transport order

Form 4B     Extension of transport Order

Form 4C     Transfer order

Form 4D     Interstate transfer order (Currently unavailable)

Form 4E     Approval of interstate transfer order (Currently unavailable)

Community Treatment Orders

Form 5A     Community treatment order

Form 5B     Continuation of community treatment order

Form 5C     Variation of community treatment order

Form 5D   Request for practitioner to examine patient

Form 5E     Notice and record of breach of CTO

Form 5F    Order to attend

Inpatient Treatment Orders

Form 6A     Inpatient treatment order

Form 6B     Inpatient treatment order in a general hospital

Form 6B attachment Inpatient treatment order in a general hospital – report for the Chief Psychiatrist

Form 6C     Continuation of inpatient treatment order

Form 6D     Confirmation of inpatient treatment order

Form 7A     Grant of leave to an involuntary inpatient

Form 7B     Extension and variation of leave

Form 7C     Cancellation of leave

Form 7D     Apprehension and return order

Form 8A     Record of search and seizure

Form 8B     Record dealing with seized article


Form 9A     Record of emergency psychiatric treatment

Form 9B     Report to Chief Psychiatrist about provision of urgent non-psychiatric treatment


Form 10A  Record of oral authorisation of restraint

Form 10B   Written bodily restraint order

Form 10C   Record of informing medical practitioner and treating psychiatrist of bodily restraint

Form 10D  Record of observations made of restrained person

Form 10E   Record of examination of restrained person

Form 10F   Variation of bodily restraint order

Form 10G  Revocation of expiry of bodily restraint order

Form 10H  Review of bodily restraint order by psychiatrist

Form 10I    Record of post restraint examination


Form 11A  Record of oral authorisation of seclusion

Form 11B   Written seclusion order

Form 11C   Record of information medical practitioner and treating psychiatrist of seclusion order

Form 11D  Record of observations made of secluded person

Form 11E   Record of examination of secluded person

Form 11F   Revocation or expiry of seclusion

Form 11G  Record of post seclusion examination

Access to Information

Form 12A  Nomination of nominated person (non writable form)

Form 12B   Refusal of request to access document

Form 12C   Restriction on freedom of communication

Form 12C attachment  Restriction on freedom of communication


Form 13     Statistics about ECT (contact OCP monitoring if required)


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