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Chief Psychiatrist’s Training Program

The OCP training program

Contemporary meaningful training and education is the keystone to producing highly skilled staff.  Investing in strengthened knowledge regarding best clinical practice, relevant legislation, and guidance on implementing changes to practice is a focal point for the OCP.

It is acknowledged that the development of appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes is a dynamic process requiring regular self-reflection on one’s current clinical practices as well as opportunities to undertake meaningful training to keep one’s skillset at a high standard.

The OCP training program aims to strengthen current education programs for AMHPs and targeted clinical staff as well as deliver new training to promote, enhance and facilitate progression towards embedding the Mental Health Care principles into regular health service practices and effectively improving the quality of mental health care in Western Australia.


The program is designed on the premise that there are specific aspects of knowledge, skill and attitudes required to perform competently as an AMHP and a Mental Health Practitioner (MHA s.538).  Through the provision of appropriate learning resources and support, senior clinicians will be enabled to develop and practise within their clinical environments.  Participants will be supported throughout the process and post training by both clinical and education staff within the OCP via means of the OCP helpdesk and Email.

Guiding Principles

An awareness of the MHA 2014, and implementation of best practice within their health service;

Ensure clinical practice is driven by evidence based research, and reflects the values of the OCP.

See our Education & Training Events page for details of upcoming training.


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