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COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Mental Health Services Forum – Info & FAQs

10 Nov 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Mental Health Services Forum

The Chief Psychiatrist and Deputy Chief Psychiatrist hosted a forum on Tuesday 9 November 2021 to showcase the learnings from the COVID-19 vaccination clinics held at the Osborne Park Community Mental Health Service.

Watch the video: COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Mental Health Services 
(YouTube video – uploaded 12/11/2021)

Powerpoint presentation: COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Mental Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) raised during the forum

Will Public Health work with non-Government agencies?

  • Public Health works in partnership with all mental health service providers including Public and Private Services and Non-Government Organisations, wherever you are located across Western Australia

What does Public Health provide for the Vaccination Clinics?

  • Public Health provides expert staff, vaccines, consumables, interpreters, posters and all other tools and resources required
  • The Pfizer vaccine is offered
  • Public Health will support clinics with both small and large numbers of clients

How long does it take to organise a Vaccination Clinic?

  • There is a short lead-in time of a couple of weeks to organise and confirm two clinic dates three weeks apart

Is training available for mental health nurses to become a vaccinator?

  • Public Health provides training for nurses to become a vaccinator.

How will we be able to run a Vaccination Clinic when we have a very busy clinic workload?

  • Osborne Park Community Mental Health Service reduced the workload for Case Managers on the vaccination days

What are the key strategies that mental health clinicians can implement to support clients?

  • Case Managers discussed vaccination with all clients on their case load, encouraged them to attend and obtained their consent
  • The vaccine was offered to all clients and also to any of their family and carers who wished to attend the Vaccination Clinic
  • Clients did not need to have ID to get their vaccination
  • Clients identified the Community Mental Health Setting as a safe, familiar and comfortable environment
  • Clients were offered transport to attend the Vaccination Clinic
  • A concierge greeted clients on arrival and there were short waiting times
  • Case Managers and treating Doctors at the clinic reassured clients on the day

To arrange a COVID-19 Clinic, or if you have any have any further questions, contact or phone 9222 8588


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