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Chief Psychiatrist’s Mental Health Community of Practice

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist is starting new online forums to support best practice and problem-solving between mental health services in a rising COVID-19 environment.

The sessions are open to all mental health service staff and will provide an opportunity to collaborate, learn and support each other through challenges working in COVID-19 community transmission. A similar model has been successful in New South Wales.

The purpose of the sessions is to share learning, ideas and practice-based evidence in adapting to changing demands.  Responding through collaboration and sharing-up-to date state, national and local guidelines and strategies will support sustaining high quality mental health care through community transmission.


  • Sessions is short, informal 30 minute online sharing and discussion sessions.
  • Frequency is 2-3 weekly, or as requested and will be posted online and via email to mental health services.
  • Summaries and resources will be made available on this page.
  • Operational or governance issues will be escalated via health service and/or system-wide governance processes by the Chief Psychiatrist.  See the Terms of Reference.

Discussion topics will be decided by participants as sessions progress depending on the emerging needs and questions.   Problem-solving with other services is encouraged and if your service would like to contribute – do get in touch.

Next session:

To be announced

Please email if you are interested in attending, and a meeting invite will be forwarded to you.

Previous sessions:

Please email queries or suggestions to  Sign up for further updates on the home page of the website.


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