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Chief Psychiatrist’s Audiovisual Communication Guidelines for Mental Health Infection Control Directions (No.2)

23 Dec 2020

The Chief Psychiatrist has issued this guideline for the use of audiovisual communication in response to the requirement of the Mental Health Infection Control Directions. These Directions were  issued under the Public Health Act 2016.

The Direction enables Audio Visual Communication to be used when conducting MHA 2014 section 48 examinations & MHA section 79 examination assessment criteria in the  prescribed specified situations.

It is essential that all medical practitioners and AMHPs read the attached Audio-Visual Communication guideline and the Mental Health Infection Control Directions (No.2) which were effective from 2 September 2020.

Should you have any queries, please discuss with your service Clinical Lead in the first instance.

Chief Psychiatrist’s Guideline: Audiovisual Communication (December 2020)

Mental Health Infection Control Directions (No. 2) (September 2020)


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