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Register of Authorised Mental Health Practitioners in Western Australia

Ref: Section 540 (1) of the Mental Health Act 2014 

The Chief Psychiatrist must keep a register of persons who are or have been, designated under s.539 as Authorised Mental Health Practitioners. Under Section 540(4) of the Mental Health Act 2014, the Chief Psychiatrist is to ensure the register is available free of charge for inspection by members of the public.

Chief Psychiatrist’s Register of Authorised Mental Health Practitioners
(updated 07/09/2022)

The register includes Authorisations and Revocations and is updated when required and coincides with the publication of the Government Gazette.

Further information about AMHPs is available on the ‘AMHPs in WA’ page of the Chief Psychiatrist’s website.

Enquires can be directed to or telephone 6553 0000


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