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AMHP Requirements and Expectations

Required expectations for continuation of AMHP authorisation


Regulation 17. Authorised mental health practitioner (Act s.539(4)).
(1) For section 539(4)(a) of the Act, the Chief Psychiatrist must have regard to the following training when deciding whether to make or amend an order under section 539(1) –
(a) The completion of a course of training approved by the Chief Psychiatrist;
(b) The completion of annual continuing professional development approved by the Chief Psychiatrist;
(c) The completion of annual clinical supervision approved by the Chief Psychiatrist.

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist will facilitate a regular audit cycle of AMHPs commencing 1 July 2016.

Additional information regarding requirements and expectations can be found here.

Annual continuing professional development (CPD) approved by the Chief Psychiatrist

Authorised Mental Health Practitioner’s (AMHP) authorised by the Chief Psychiatrist are expected to undertake regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours directly relevant to their context of mental health practice.

The Chief Psychiatrist approves all activities relevant to the AMHPs context of practice which will maintain, improve and broaden knowledge, expertise and competence required to maintain registration.

CPD records may include participation in the following activities:

  • Tertiary, vocational and other accredited courses including distance education (needs to relate to context of practice);
  • Conferences, forums, seminars and symposia;
  • Short courses, workshops, seminars and discussion groups through a professional group or organisation who may issue a certificate of compliance/completion;
  • Mandatory learning activities in the workplace in the area of practice;
  • Self-directed learning, i.e. A report on the literature searches with references to the articles that you have read.

If you are selected for audit you will be required to submit a Continuing Professional Development Record form  – providing evidence of completing your CPD.

The form for reporting CPD can be found here.

Annual Clinical Supervision approved by the Chief Psychiatrist

Clinical Supervision is recognised by the Chief Psychiatrist as having a focus on professional growth and practice improvement of the AMHP. It is recommended that supervision meetings are facilitated on a regular monthly basis for at least one hour. There are a number of different clinical supervision formats of which two are outlined below:

  • Individual supervision: one-on-one clinical supervision meeting which may be held face-to-face or using media such as telephone or videoconferencing;
  • Peer group supervision: more than two clinicians are included in the clinical supervision process for the discussion of key clinical issues in order to provide solutions for difficult clinical scenarios. The participants learn better/alternative ways to manage professional problems and reduce stress.

All mental health clinicians have a responsibility to seek clinical supervision as outlined in the Professional Code of Conduct of their employer and by their professional group. Please refer to your relevant college or board regarding these standards.

Documentation that relates to confidential information shared by clinicians during clinical supervision may be accessed by third parties in some circumstances. Third parties may access confidential information pursuant to a subpoena, a search warrant, in disclosure requirements of a criminal case, Freedom of Information Act 1992 or under the Coroner’s Act 1996.

If you are selected for audit you will be required to submit a Clinical Supervision Schedule form providing evidence of completing your clinical supervision.

The form for reporting Clinical Supervision can be found here.

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