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How to Become an AMHP

This information is for mental health practitioners (Senior Mental Health Nurse, Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist or Occupational Therapist with at least 3 years’ experience in the management of people with mental illness) who wish to apply, with the approval of the responsible delegate, to be authorised by the Chief Psychiatrist as an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP).

To be authorised by the Chief Psychiatrist a mental health practitioner must demonstrate that he or she can meet the required competency necessary to be an AMHP.

Competencies for an AMHP

  • AMHPs must be competent mental health practitioners with advanced skills in the assessment, management and treatment of people experiencing mental illness.
  • Competency is obtained through clinical experience, education, training and supervision, and is demonstrated in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the AMHP.
  • AMHPs should have a good understanding of the AMHP role and function, and a detailed knowledge of the Mental Health Act 2014(the Act).
  • Supervision of practice and continuing professional development must be undertaken by all AMHPs as part of maintaining contemporary knowledge and a high standard of clinical practice.

The Chief Psychiatrist will designate as AMHPs only those mental health practitioners who, in the opinion of the Chief Psychiatrist, have the requisite qualifications, training and experience for the performance of the functions as detailed in the Act.

Each mental health region, service and AMHP line manager is required to support and facilitate supervision of practice and on-going education for all AMHPs operating within their service.

Process for Authorisation

1. Seek approval from responsible delegate (see AMHP Delegation list)

2.  Complete the prerequisites for training:

a)  Clinician’s Education Learning Package (CELP)

b)  Referrers Education Learning Package (RELP)

The purpose of completing the Referrer’s eLearning package is to review your knowledge regarding referral issues before the two-day workshop


  1. Mental Health Histories and Mental State Examination
  2. Risk Assessment and Management Overview
  3. Strategies for working with people at risk of suicide
  4. Working with people who self-harm
  5. Supervision and self-care in mental health services

d)  Read the AMHP Requirements and Expectations

3.  Complete the AMHP Application for Initial Training ensuring the following:

  • your full name as per AHPRA
  • all certificates showing completion of prerequisite training are attached
  • is signed by the approving delegate

4.  Application should be sent to 

Please note incorrect or incomplete applications will be returned.

Training places are secure only upon submission of a correctly completed application

5.  Once approved, you will be notified by email that you have secured a place on the AMHP training course.

6.  The OCP training team will be in contact closer to the date with specific information about the AMHP Training.

7.  On completion of day two of the AMHP Training, you will be given a Request for Authorisation form to complete and return to the Trainers. Please note incorrect forms will delay Gazettal.

8.  When all requirements have been met the Chief Psychiatrist will arrange the necessary documentation for the State Law Publisher requesting your name to be included in the Government Gazette as an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner.

Applicants should note that Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) Approved forms are legal documents and subject to both compliance with the requirements of the Act and requests under Freedom of Information legislation.

Please see our Education and Training Events page for further details about AMHP training.


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