MySigns: A new digital mental health tool for people with intellectual disability

The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry at the University of NSW has launched MySigns, a digital tool that can be used to support the mental health assessment of people with intellectual disability and communication difficulties. MySigns can be accessed at and is free to use.

MySigns is a digital health tool that can be used collaboratively between people with intellectual disability, their carers and mental health clinicians.

Research has shown that in NSW, individuals with intellectual disability are approximately 1% of the general population.  Individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness use 12% of the state’s entire mental health budget.  This is a group who have historically been poorly serviced by siloed health and mental health structures. 

The Chief Psychiatrist strongly encourages this tool be made available broadly, and encourages all mental health clinicians to look at this tool and watch the animated explainer video, which can also be viewed at

COVID-19: WA Government Mental Health Response

The WA Department of Health has been hosting a series of webinars where you can hear directly from the WA Health system leadership, providing an update on the COVID-19 response.

On 6 August, Dr Sophie Davison, Clinical Lead COVID-19 Health Operations Mental Health, presented regarding the mental health response. 

View Dr Davison’s presentation here

Other sessions in the series are available to view for all WA Health staff via the Healthpoint website.