Chief Psychiatrist’s Clinical Helpdesk – Temporary Closure

The Chief Psychiatrist advises that from Tuesday 14 July 2020, the Clinical Helpdesk will be closed until we are able staff it consistently.

During this period, we advise that Clinical Directors of Mental Health in each of the Health Service Providers (HSPs) are the designated primary contacts for clinical and Mental Health Act 2014 interface queries from their staff, unless HSPs advise their service of another appropriate local advisory process. 

We apologise for the inconvenience.

We are available to discuss particularly complex clinical and Mental Health Act 2014 interface issues with senior clinicians, where escalation for advice at local health service level has not provided a clear way forward.

Dr Sophie Davison
A/Chief Psychiatrist

Management of acute behavioural disturbance in COVID-19

The WA Department of Health has published a clinical guideline on the management of acute behavioural disturbance in COVID-19.

This guideline addresses the safe care and management of consumers
presenting with psychological distress and acute behavioural disturbance who have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and asymptomatic people who fulfil the criteria for mandatory self-isolation.

Behaviours within scope of this guideline are aggression, acute behavioural
disturbance, and agitation.

This guideline is of particular relevance to inpatient mental health units and emergency departments, but the principles can be applied in other health settings such as general medical wards, alcohol and other drug services and community settings.

Guideline: Management of acute behavioural disturbance in COVID-19 (published 02/07/2020)