Innovative Practice Award in the Rotary Allied Health Team Excellence Awards 2017

Graylands Hospital team wins Excellence in Innovative Practice Award.

The Chief Psychiatrist congratulates the team of health professionals and nurse specialists – Andrew Miller ,Barbara Murray, Jess Darmody, Jo Varne, Alan Stone ,Jessica Dennis ,Petra Elias ,Patricia Tran, Ruth Hill ,Rob Miller  and Doreen Sanyika

The winning team  introduced contemporary and progressive mental health practices at Graylands Hospital which have resulted in a reduction in restrictive practices and facilitated recovery opportunities for patients and consumers.

Their innovative practices have involved creating opportunities for meaningful occupation for consumers in order to provide purpose, identity, mastery, ownership, health and well-being. The aim has been to empower consumers to take ownership of their recovery journey, even while in hospital, through instilling a sense of hope and belonging.