Focus on Children/Adolescents and Mental Health

There have recently been some important reports and articles published on the mental health and wellbeing of Children and Adolescents.

These include:

Writable PDF Instruction Guide and Video

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist has developed Writable MHA 2014 Forms for reporting to the Chief Psychiatrist. These forms are easy to use and streamline the reporting process for mental health staff.

The Forms will open as a PDF document, and information can be typed directly onto the Form. If the MHA requires that a copy of the Form be sent to another agency (such as the Chief Psychiatrist), the writeable Form has a ‘submit’ function that will send the Form directly to the intended recipient upon completion. The Forms can also be printed for filing into the medical records.

The Chief Psychiatrist recommends making use of these Forms wherever possible. It simplifies the process for mental health service staff, makes notifying third parties easier, and it reduces the data entry requirements within the OCP.

A short a short instructional video and a PDF version of instructions have been developed that provide guidance on how to use the Forms. These are available on the Chief Psychiatrist’s website – instructional video and PDF instructions.

If you have any queries about the Writable Forms, please feel free to contact the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist on 9222 4462.